Playin’ With Your Head (1986)

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  • Recorded May 2-3, 1986. Released July 30, 1986.


Album version:

  1. Hello-Goodbye [4:13]

  2. Love and Regards [5:36]

  3. Groups and Charities [3:55]

  4. Sports [9:40]

  5. Five Twos [2:01]

  6. Losing Things [7:59]

  7. You’re Lost [1:40]

  8. Missing [1:04]

  9. Earrings [5:28]

  10. Battered Plants [3:44]

  11. Things to Watch Out For [2:35]

HBO special:

  1. The Envelope

  2. Hello and Goodbye

  3. Give My Love to Klause [sic]

  4. Charities

  5. Battered Plants

  6. A Moment of Silence

  7. Losing Things

  8. Earrings

  9. Sports

  10. Envelope Reprise

  11. End Credits


Most of what shows up on the video also shows up on the album, with the exception of “The Envelope” (a short black-and-white introductory sketch where Carlin plays a detective), and the routine “A Moment of Silence” (a variation of which Carlin performed on the album version of Carlin on Campus (1984)), plus a short but hilarious bit about Carlin’s uncle.

The “Losing Things” routine is certainly shortened from what it used to be initially, judging from the very similar-sounding, related routines on the topic that show up on The Little David Years (1971-1977) (Box Set).

The album was nominated for a Grammy in in 1987, but lost to Bill Cosby’s Those of You With or Without Children, You’ll Understand.