The Little David Years (1971-1977) (Box Set)

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  • Box set. Released October 19, 1999



This CD box set consists of all six of George Carlin’s 1970s albums (minus compilations), which is why I’ve placed it here chronologically with the 1970s releases rather than among the 1990s releases. These albums were also all the ones he released on the Little David label, hence the title. The front cover of the box is a lenticular print, so that viewing it at different angles in the light shows George making different faces.

Also included is a bonus disc of previously unreleased material. The bonus disc contains the following tracks. There’s no indication of where the tracks were taken from (aside from the Coney Island recordings), but I’ve included by best guess for their date origins, and some short comments about them:

  1. George’s Disc Jockey Theme and Show Opening [0:59]

    • From Carlin’s days as a disc jockey, before he became a comedian.

  2. Tattoos [3:12]

  3. Hitchhiking (Short version) [0:55]

    • Given the tone of this, I’m guessing it’s from the late 70s.

  4. Clerks, Hankies & Emma [5:16]

    • Another one from the mid 80s, I’m guessing based on the style.

  5. Elmo’s Song - Johnny Badcheck [1:12]

    • George sings and…it sure sounds like he’s on something.

  6. Monopoly [4:03]

    • Probably taken right from the first HBO special. Carlin did a written version later in one of his books.

  7. New Sports [4:16]

  8. Hitchhiking (Long version) [1:48]

    • Some of the same jokes as the other “Hitchhiking” track but in a much quicker style. I’m going to guess that this was from around the time of What Am I Doing In New Jersey? (1988), given the style and the topic of driving.

  9. Guacamole [0:44]

    • Sounds like mid to late 70s to me. One of several routines over the years on the funny-sounding food. This particular version is an interesting example of how he’d have a bit that had more free association to it, whereas later (on A Place for My Stuff (1981) and Carlin on Campus (1984)) he would get a more definitive structure down for the best impact.

  10. Nuts in Cake and Toenail Clippings [1:41]

  11. 400,000 American Musical Favorites [6:26]

    • This is a different recording of a routine Carlin did on the Carol Burnett show.

  12. Peas [5:56]

    • I like this routine, but I remember Cheech & Chong giving him shit for it, as an example of his comedy having gone downhill at the time (late 1970s).

  13. Losing Your Place [6:18]

  14. I’m Musical [7:00]

    • This sounds like it’s from the mid to late 80s. He ended up reusing some of these lines years later on You Are All Diseased (1999) when he talked about song titles. Still, I love this track. I’m sure me being a musician has a lot to do with it.

  15. Lost and Found [3:19]

  16. Public Affairs [4:18]

    • A mix of related tracks from over the years.

  17. Snapper Lawn Mowers [2:34]

  18. How to Handle a Heckler [1:05]

    • This is unbelievably shocking, brilliant, and hilarious all at the same time. I heard him use the opening line of this on a heckler when I saw George live once, and almost fell out of my chair laughing.

  19. Closing [1:47]

    • This was done after George came out of the hospital to do a show.

  20. The Coney Island Recordings [8:40]

    • Childhood comedy recordings of George, recorded at a record booth at Coney Island.

Sampler Promo


A promo-only sampler CD of the box set was also released to radio stations (Atlantic/Eardrum Records, PRCD 9082-2). The tracks on this were:

  1. The Hair Piece (from FM & AM (1972))

  2. Son of “Wino” (from FM & AM (1972))

  3. Class Clown (from Class Clown (1972))

  4. I Used To Be Roman Catholic (from Class Clown (1972))

  5. New York Voices (from Occupation: Foole (1973))

  6. Filthy Words (from Occupation: Foole (1973))

  7. Nursery Rhymes (from Toledo Window Box (1974))

  8. God (from Toledo Window Box (1974))

  9. Bodily Functions (from An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo (1975))

  10. Baseball-Football (from An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo (1975))

  11. Death And Dying (from On The Road (1977))

  12. Parents’ Cliches And Children’s Secret Answers (from On The Road (1977))

  13. Hitchhiking (from “Free Complimentary Extra Bonus Disc”)

  14. New Sports (from “Free Complimentary Extra Bonus Disc”)