Carlin on Comedy (2002)

  • Interview album

  • Running time: 68 minutes

  • From the Comedy Recording Series


Back in 2000, George Carlin helped launch, a web site and record label designed to help distribute the works of various comedians, taking advantage of the growing household use of the Internet at the time. One of the many exclusive releases they made was the “…On Comedy” series. This was a series of interview discs of different famous comedians.

Carlin On Comedy is an interview of Carlin by Larry Wilde. There’s no indication in the CD liner notes of when, exactly, the interview was done. The audio quality isn’t all that great; it sounds like the recording was made on a simple tape recorder. But it does offer some insight though into Carlin’s writing process which I haven’t heard elsewhere.


Part One: Tracks 1-11 Part Two: Tracks 12-24

  1. First Time Funny

  2. Early Influences

  3. Burns & Carlin

  4. Standing Alone

  5. The Vegas Incident

  6. Lenny Bruce

  7. The Writer

  8. The Big Change

  9. Writing Techniques

  10. Politics

  11. The Laughter Reflex

  12. Trying Stuff Out

  13. Structuring the Act

  14. Physical Carlin

  15. Respect

  16. Words

  17. Regional Differences

  18. Point of View

  19. Timing & Delivery

  20. Comedy and Pain

  21. Prerequisites

  22. The Business of Comedy

  23. Comedy’s Evolution

  24. Advice