The original look of, when it was first launched in 1999:

This web site contains real human language.

This is an early warning system for the faint of heart.
Apparently, there are many people unable to cope with spoken and
written language as developed by humans up to this point.
This is for you.

Click here
to evaluate your language tolerance level.

If this offends you, may you never shit again.

If this does not offend you,
Click here

If this offends you, may you never...naaah! Too harsh.
If this offends you, may it hurt each time you fuck.

If this does not offend you,
Click here

If this offends you, remember where you were
when you first saw the light of day.
At birth, you had a cunt stretched across your head.
Just like a little hat.

If this does not offend you,
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If this offends you, ask yourself why.
Every woman is a cocksucker, and so are many men.
The men who aren't cocksuckers seem to have no problem with
the women who choose this activity, but have big problems
with the men who do so. Why would this be? Could it be
that all these men are afraid they might be potential cocksuckers?

If this does not offend you,
Click here

If this offends you, welcome to the world of sane and realistic critical thought.
More harm has been done to the collective human psyche by religion than
by all the fucking and cocksucking since the dawn of time. By the way,
many religious people (including the ordained) fuck and
suck each other's cocks all the time.

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to get back to reality.

So after clicking on that last "Click Here" link, you would have been finally taken to the main page of There you have it!

By the way, here's what the main page of originally said:

Welcome to my official site here on the Welde Wird Wob. Excuse me, World Wide Web. As is true with most sites, this will be a continuing work that grows and improves with time, especially as I become more familiar with the Web itself. I have used computers for some time for writing and file-keeping, but I am new to the Internet, and so, as I become more familiar with what's out there, I expect to develop additional ideas and approaches that I can use to dress up the site and make it more enjoyable and informative. As time goes on, I expect to add more pictures, more sound and video clips and even more textual comedy bits, opinions and thoughts. But at some point one has to decide that there is enough material at hand to get started, and we go! Once again, welcome.

George Carlin

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